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How can I test ChoirMate in my choir?
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You start by creating the choir in ChoirMate through the app which can be downloaded on your phone or tablet. Then you can invite choir members to the choir you have created, using a special invitation link.

A good test is conducted by adding sheet music and rehearsal tracks through the app or web version. You can also add activities to the calendar, such as weekly choir rehearsals, so that attendance can be recorded.

How can I get all members of my choir into ChoirMate?
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As an administrator of a choir in ChoirMate, you can retrieve a special invitation link in the ChoirMate app, which you share with your choir members. By opening this link on their mobile phone, tablet or PC/MAC, members will be able to access the choir's area.
I am not receiving emails from ChoirMate
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This is probably because strict email filters are hiding or blocking the email ChoirMate is trying to send to you. Most often you will find the email by checking the spam folder in your email program. If not, try a different email address if you have one, or contact
How can I print out the sheet music?
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If an administrator has added sheet music for a song, you can go to the song, click on the dot menu to the right of the score and select "Print". This will send you a link to the score to your email address, so you can print out the score from a PC or Mac. The link expires after one hour. You can also select "Export" from the same menu, which allows you to print from your mobile phone or tablet, if you have set this up.
How does access control work in ChoirMate?
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There are several access levels controlled by roles in ChoirMate. Member, editor, and administrator are the three levels.
As an administrator, can I add members?
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Currently, every member must register themselves in ChoirMate by visiting an invitation link that an administrator can communicate through existing communication channels (email, Facebook, SMS, etc.).
How can I easily upload audio files to ChoirMate?
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As an administrator, we recommend using the web version for this. There you can easily create the songs and drag audio files from a folder on your PC/Mac to the relevant song and vocal group. Currently, audio files in MP3 or M4A format are supported. MIDI files must be converted to one of these formats before they can be uploaded to ChoirMate.
Can files be stored in ChoirMate?
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Currently, there is support for storing sheet music in PDF format and audio files in MP3 or M4A format, per song, in ChoirMate. It will later be possible to store any files in a separate file archive, but this is not yet in place. As an administrator, you can link to external files by entering the link under "Choir info" in the admin area. These links will be displayed under "Links" for everyone in the choir.
What does it cost to use ChoirMate?
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It's reasonably cheap, or free with some limitations. The goal is for all choirs to be able to enjoy using the world's best tool for choirs, regardless of their financial situation. An average-sized choir pays a total of USD 25 per month, which gives all members access to the features of ChoirMate.

Alternatively, the choir can use ChoirMate for free with some limitations, where members have the option to individually upgrade to full access for themselves at USD 2.99 per month.

See the full price and feature table here.

Can I set which voices the choir consists of?
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Yes, this is selected when creating the choir in ChoirMate. You can freely choose the voices the choir consists of, for example soprano, 1st alto, 2nd alto, tenor and bass. The division will determine how content appears for each choir member. If adjustments are needed, please contact us at
Can I use ChoirMate on both mobile and tablet?
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Yes, both are a great way to use ChoirMate. Just download the ChoirMate app on another device and log in. You can also use ChoirMate from your PC/Mac by using the Web version.
Which devices are supported for the ChoirMate app?
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The ChoirMate app is designed to support devices (phones and tablets) that have access to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. To ensure optimal performance, it's recommended that these devices run newer versions of their respective operating systems. If you're experiencing issues or unsure about compatibility, please check to make sure your device's operating system is updated to the latest version available.

Device Requirements

Additionally, for those who prefer to access ChoirMate through a web browser, a web version is available. However, it's essential to use newer browsers to guarantee the best user experience.

I can't find the app on the App Store or Google Play?
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ChoirMate is currently only launched in certain countries, which means the Apple or Google account you use to download the app must have the correct affiliation. Contact us at and we'll figure it out."
How should I set up my choir group in ChoirMate if we have subgroups within our main choir?
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When setting up a choir with subgroups in ChoirMate, especially when these subgroups are typically based on location and day of the week, it's essential to use the app's sectioning functionality. Read more on what this entails here: Choir Sectioning.
Can you participate in multiple choirs in ChoirMate?
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Yes, definitely. This usually happens for conductors who lead multiple choirs that use ChoirMate, but it's just as good support for extra enthusiastic choir members as well.
How do I use my referral code?
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Referral codes can be redeemed by contacting us at ChoirMate at
How do I use my discount code?
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The discount code is used when entering your payment method to subscribe to a group subscription. Look for the "Add Discount" button. Contact us at if you need assistance."
How is payment for a group subscription made?
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By logging into the web version (, administrators can pay for the subscription to ChoirMate by entering the choir's payment method. Both debit and credit cards as well as PayPal is supported.

Some choirs do not have their own payment card, but in these cases most resolve this by refunding the member who pays with their private payment card. A receipt is issued when payment is due.

It is possible to pay per year or month. Annual payment is beneficial for simplified membership reimbursement. Unfortunately, we do not support invoice payment.

Can my choir get a website by using ChoirMate
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Yes, we offer modern and easy-to-manage choir websites. Contact us at if you want to try it out.
How is privacy protected?
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Strong privacy is important in ChoirMate. See details on how privacy is protected on a separate page for privacy terms. In addition, you own all content that is entered into ChoirMate, which is also very well protected with state-of-the-art security technology to the highest industry standard."
Is it safe to use ChoirMate?
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We take security seriously, and you and your choir can safely store content in ChoirMate. Everything that is entered is protected with state-of-the-art security technology to the highest industry standard. This means that no one else can access the data belonging to each individual user or choir, as it is protected by the login and affiliation to the choir. The system primarily uses Google's cloud solutions, and therefore stands on the shoulders of one of the world's largest companies.
Can I use the app without an internet connection?
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Yes, if you or your choir is paying for a subscription, you will have the option to play audio files and read scores offline, without an internet connection. All you need to do is open the score or audio file once when your phone or tablet has an internet connection, and the resources will be downloaded and prepared for the next time.
Can I use ChoirMate from a PC or Mac?
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Yes, absolutely. Check out the web version here.
Can ChoirMate be used for other groups besides choirs, such as a band
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Yes, it is possible, and some bands already use ChoirMate to have a better musical experience. Remember to enable the "musician" category when creating the group. Although support is good for bands, you may find that the wording in the service and some functions are primarily designed for choirs.
Can I keep attendance records with ChoirMate?
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Yes, you can! For each activity created in the calendar, you can choose whether attendance and absence will be recorded. It can be set to be recorded by the singers themselves, or delegated to an editor or administrator. During the semester, attendance can be retrieved in an Excel-friendly file from the app for other uses. Learn more here.
How do I access the built-in piano?
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You can shake your phone or tablet at any time to bring up the piano in the ChoirMate app. The piano is perfect for finding the right pitch and is available to users who are part of a group or individual subscription.
Can I use the same song across setlists?
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Yes, you can. Instead of creating the song again, you can select it from the repertoire list that appears when you are editing the songs that will be in a setlist.
Which languages are supported?
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We support these 12 languages at the moment: English, German, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese Brazilian, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Icelandic. If you would like to help translate ChoirMate into your language, please contact us at
How do I automatically keep the app up to date?
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If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can turn on automatic updates in the Apple App Store.

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can turn on automatic updates in Google Play.

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